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Fairfax has had the pleasure of working with Corporate Blue for over 8 years now and I cannot stress how highly we would recommend Corporate Blue. Corporate Blue is completely transparent with costs, contract cancellation policies, exchange rates and all fees, keeping us informed and updated via itemised spreadsheets ensuring we are in total control of our budget and decisions. Feedback from both clients and staff that have had the pleasure of travelling with Corporate Blue is simply that they all felt very fortunate to have had such an experience. They are the ultimate professionals with an amazing amount of patience and good humour.
Chelle Brown – Communications Manager, Domain Media

On behalf of ANZCA, I would firstly stress that our dealings in regards to the conjoint 2014 ASM/ASC in Singapore with Corporate Blue and especially with you and your team, were exemplary. Your professonalism, attention to detail and ability to deal with all issues, at any time and in any circumstance certainly contributed to the success of the Conference. We also enjoyed your sense of fun and extremely positive outlook and disposition. We thank you and congratulate you on your work.
Australian & New Zealand College of Anaesthetists

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We had such a fantastic holiday and we felt so lucky to have won this amazing prize.  The hotel was great, the transport was faultless and the free tickets to the theme parks made sure we had a fun few days in the sun. A highlight was definitely driving to Byron Bay for the day… what a place! Thanks to Shelly and the team for all the help.
Nick Wilby


 I want to personally thank for sorting my travel from Brisbane to Melbourne as result of the Qantas dispute. As you know I had no idea about the grounding until you rang, you not only alerted me to the problem but you also provided me with a solution and a booking which allowed me to continue my trip without disruption. Well done for the very professional way you handled this matter. This is another reason I will continue to your services.
Jim Plummer – Managing Director Ontrack Pty Ltd

I am guessing everyone is back into the swing of being home by now. So many times I have tempted wording a note of thank you – each time coming to stumps as words just can not explain how much I truly enjoyed our Istanbul, Mykonos escape!!! Gosh we did so much in so short a time. I am still remembering things that we did. Everyone I met I liked , and honesty I was still seeing new faces up until we landed back in Melbourne. Congratulations to everyone – the choice of everything from hotels to daily sight seeing were just truly amazing. Corporate Blue’s experience in this field really shined through as did the unobtrusive care of the Age Account Managers – I don’t believe I heard anyone talk about work on the whole journey which was a credit again to all who had a hand in the arrangements. On behalf of Cliff and myself – a very big THANK YOU!!!! Can’t wait to see whats in store for 2012 – I will be working my butt off to be eligible don’t you worry! Again thanks every so much!
Gillian Nunn – Director Hocking Stuart Hawthorn

I’d just like to re-affirm how much I enjoyed working with you at the PPG event at Four Seasons last week. You ooze professionalism, focus on the smallest detail and passion for your work – and everyone around you benefits as a result! I truly hope our paths will cross again in the not too distant future, and until then send my very best regards,
Ross Smith – Mindshelf The Brand Builders

Just a note to say thank you for organising such a wonderful itinerary for the Carsguide trip to San Francisco. We had such a great time and thought that all of the activities that were scheduled were so entertaining and really enjoyed by all. Great organising and behalf of Scott and I, thanks for a fantastic experience.
Lisa Gercovich – Lexus of Blackburn

My hearty thanks for making the trip so enjoyable. It was a bloody good work trip and even better holiday. I got a lot from it. Good times indeed. Looking forward to Viva Las Vegas! Really slick run tour mate. Well done.
Ian Bellert – Strategic Sales Manager, Drive

Hi Gents, Just wanted to say a big thanks for a great trip everything was well organised and Josh and I had a ball. I have come back fired up. Thanks again.
Adam Sawicki – Bay City Holden

Wow, well done again. What a fabulous trip (even though i was a bit crook). The events organised were awesome. We’ll be talking about our bike ride and dinner on the great wall for years! I thought we were going to have a hitch at the last moment with the plane delays but somehow you fixed that as well! (you must have a powerful friend somewhere!) It was great to see you participating all the time (your poor liver!) Thanks again for an awesome event.
Robert Harvey – Director & Licensed Estate Agent, Hocking Stuart St Kilda

Just wanted to say thanks for a great trip to China, everything you arranged went fantastically well and it was a trip of a lifetime for me. Having the nut allergy it was a little but nerve racking attempting the trip to a country where nuts are used more than in Australia. However you made it all happen and there wasn’t one problem with the food. Thanks heaps you made the trip for me much more relaxing than I could ever had imagined. I would certainly recommend you to any clients or friends looking to arrange a trip.
Grant Leonard – Partner, Nelson Alexander Pty. Ltd

Just a quick note to thank you for the bookings you did for my Scotland bike ride. All went really well and the flights went smoothly. I would recommend Etihad as a carrier . The connections were all on time and the plane was comfortable. I also went to the back of the plane and had a look around so I can give the thumbs up to economy class. A fourteen hour flight is not so bad when you get nice meals on demand and a chair that becomes a flat bed. It just about dilutes jet lag to nothing when you can get eight hours sleep As for my ride, it all went really well and I rode a total of 800 km from Inverness to Glasgow and all but one day was in the rain and mud, mostly off road. I did ask myself what I was doing there more than once , but the scenery and friendly people always answered my question. I loved both.
Cheers Ron – Managing Director, Blint Builders

 Was just about to send you an email. We had a sensational time! Everything went off really well! I think I walked about three inches off the ends of my legs up and down 7th avenue-great location to everything. We even managed to get into a recording of Letterman; Tom Hanks was the guest with The Killers as the guest band. Tickets are hard to get for that one. Thanks hugely to Corporate Blue for making our honeymoon unforgettable!
Ken Jacka – Dealer Principal, Graham Jacka Holden

I’m back in Australia and would like to thank you very much for you assistance over the Christmas break. Once again thank you for your support and effort, it was very important for us the movement of Kevin Bolton in and out of Canada.
Luis Rojas – Sales & Account Services Executive, Duratray International Pty

I write on behalf of the Australian Automobile Dealers Association (AADA) to thank you for a very well organised and highly successful AADA Study Tour to the NADA Convention. I was particularly pleased to see such a large number of dealers and allied industry people supporting our Tour this year and I am hopeful that we will be able to maintain our high number of registrations for the Convention in New Orleans next year. The social activities of course are a feature of our Tour and I thought that the venues were superb; reflecting the culture of San Francisco. All of the comments that I have had about the Tour have been extremely positive and you and your colleagues are to be congratulated for putting together such a great program. I would be grateful if you could convey my thanks and that of the Association to Corporate Blue especially, and to Belinda Holt for their contributions to our very successful Study Tour. I look forward to working with you on our own Convention arrangements.
John Byrne – President, Australian Automobile Dealers Association

I have been travelling with the team at Corporate Blue for 8 years. In that time we have never had any problems at all. Their service is outstanding and when we have needed them most we have called in the middle of the night and had our arrangements in Europe changed in 5 minutes over a New Years Eve period to avoid a natural disaster. Their prices are competitive and we would not consider working with anyone else.
James Plamantouras – Managing Director, Ontrack International

Dear the team at Corporate Blue, I’d like to take the opportunity to thank you for your tireless effort in assisting HWI. We have been pushing through many requests for travel over the past year, and I sincerely appreciate yours and your teams patience and prompt response in dealing with any requests or issues that arise. Thanks again for all your help.
Anna Montagna – PA – Marketing & Merchandising, Housewares International Ltd

Just a short note to sincerely thank you for all your efforts while we were away. I know it was hard work, but hopefully you enjoyed the trip as much as we all did. It would not have been the same if all your preparation and hard work had not been carried out. It certainly was a pleasure to meet you, Once again, my sincere thanks.
Daniel Tynan – CEO, Tynan Motors PTY. Limited

 Many thanks again for the outstanding efforts you have made to make the AGE trip a very special one. Your attention to detail has been noticed in every sense.
Ingo Reisch

Just wanted to thank you for the excellent treatment we received on all stages of our recent trip. You did a great job, sometimes under difficult circumstances, and I’m sure everyone enjoyed the experience as much as Sue and I did. We returned on Monday without incident and now it’s onto a diet to return to my normal weight! Thanks again
Andrew Mathers

Thank you for the exceptional work you did on the incentive program. As you know I have done quite a few of these programs over the last few years and all have been great and certainly varied. Your tireless efforts and your communication with our clients are to be commended. We had quite a bit to deal with that was out of your hands from the moment we arrived at Melbourne airport. No crew for Melbourne to Sydney, storm in Sydney to then try to connect with international flight. We all got on and we thought all our luggage got on as well. Bangkok airport closed for 30 minutes for the Royal Family and the backlog of 1 plus hours through customs. Lost bags; late arrival to hotel. Through this you kept all passengers informed and calm and ensured them that we would have it all sorted by the next day and you did. The train, a once in a lifetime experience and one that I and our clients will never forget (good choice). The late arrival of the train to Singapore; not your fault the guard at the station fell asleep. From that you had to rearrange our plans for tours and arrival, which you did without fuss. Arranged the night safari as an alternative, which was fantastic and the clients who opted to do this thoroughly enjoyed the experience. From there we also had to deal with the terrorist issue in the UK and the fact that our return flights may have been delayed. Once again you kept our clients informed had our hotel rooms on standby just in case and worked tirelessly to ensure we knew what was going on. For your first incentive program with The Age you had a lot more to deal with than just making sure the program worked on the ground. You showed true professionalism and I had every confidence in you from the moment we stepped on the plane in Melbourne. As for the program itself, well done. D’Sens restaurant: a wonderful first night in Bangkok followed by another highlight, the TUK TUK ride to the night market (everyone loved it with the police escort, I’m sure I heard laughing from the back). The palace tour, river cruise and lunch great (big fish). Train just wonderful, too much singing for me. River Kwai and Penang very enjoyable. Singapore Raffles unforgettable. All in all a very successful program and a credit to you and your team. Once again thank you for delivering a successful program under somewhat interesting circumstances and remaining professional at all times.
Joe Wojcik – State Manager Vic/SA/TAS, drive.com.au

Just on behalf of Davette, Renee, Danny and I, I wanted to say a big thanks for your professionalism last week. Not also that but thanks for organising one of the best trips ever… Davette and I should have stayed longer… thanks again we had a ball.
Adam Sawicki – General Manager, Bay City Holden

Thanks for all your effort and companionship, it was a great trip. We had a great time.
Chris Hingston – Dealer Principal, Eastside Mitsubishi

I just wanted to send you a note expressing my thanks to you for the wonderful holiday that both my sister and I went on. For the both of us, it was a truly wonderful experience, one that we will never forget. I could see by the end, you were stressed, the issue at Heathrow didn’t help. You were always available, buses to make sure we all kept together, as well as a good drinking buddy. Thank you so much, and all the very best to you in the future.
Karen Budge – Business Manager, Nunawading Hyundai & Chrysler Jeep

Well, what can I say apart from “FABULOUS AND THANK YOU”!!! We were certainly blessed with the most amazing, grateful, fun and enthusiastic group of clients who I know enjoyed the week immensely. I just wish I’d had the paperwork to sign them all up for next year, I know that we would have had close to 100% sign up!! Your hard work and attention to detail was faultless and it was a pleasure to host the trip with you. Many thanks again and I look forward to seeing you for a catch up drink soon.
Liz Webster – Display Advertising Director, The Age

May I congratulate you on hosting and organising a brilliant trip. I, as did all participants I spoke to on the trip , had a superb time and were overawed with the standard you created, your thoughtfulness and attention to detail. All from The Age were outstanding hosts and very good company and it was simply the best travel agent I have come across. Their service, their attitude under pressure and ability to work intelligently without sleep is simply amazing. I trust all your staff and those agents who stayed on have now returned safely.
Greg Costello – Director, RT Edgar Brighton Pty Ltd

Just a short note to thank you again for an amazing trip. We certainly appreciate how much hard work you put into organising everything, and because of your tireless efforts it was a first-class experience. Looking forward to the next one!
Glen Coutinho & Nick Walker, Hocking Stuart (Hawthorn) Pty Ltd

Just a quick note to say thank you both Lara and I had a fantastic time on the recent trip to Queenstown. Your itinerary and activities worked well and you managed to get a large group of people to gel together. I will certainly keep your details, perhaps Newturf will be able to utilise your services in the future.
David Campbell – Newturf Solutions

Sorry I just send you an email now. I had a killer week as soon as I got back from NZ. Just a quick email to say thank you very much for your amazing hospitality and arrangement in NZ I enjoy myself tremendously and I’m sure everyone is. I hope to see you again perhaps in the next trip by Melbourne weekly. keep in touch. you rock!!
Stanley Marcellius – Retail Business Development & Marketing Executive, Carina Sherlock Enterprises Pty Ltd

We’d like to Thank you and your team for all your hard work to make our trip to South America with The Age so enjoyable. We had a fabulous time – it’s a trip we will never forget. Thank you
Chelsea & Marcus – Rolex Australia